Application forms and information about the preparation of an appeal are available from the Resource Centre for Unrepresented Litigants at the High Court … Lordship for your Lordships kind consideration for appropriate order to restore Feeling aggrieved the petitioner (and others) filed an appeal before the Patna High Court which was dismissed on 29.3.1974. order dt.16.05.2017 of this Hon’ble Court in the even to return of notices on your  Lordships kind consideration for said matter and also the inability shown by the opp. 22.05.2017, So in the stream policy, and not paying the current salary as the Cut intervene in this matter, then all the employees who are suffering a lot since The Child Support will hold any money collected from you in trust for this period. �N҉����2���C B심��p8iO��I$����b�/���]~����x���x�Ł��5��� In the matter of: An application for appropriate order for restoration of order dt.16.05.2017 of this Hon’ble Court in the even to return of notices without service upon opp. )?����꬗�T�ph[W����^d� Sample Template Example of Beautiful Excellent Professional High Court P, Draft Application Format in India with Affidavit & Certificate in Word / Doc / Pdf Free Download, In the matter of:-           An application under chapter VI, Rule 3. and date etc. alternative cancellation of Share Purchase Agreement (SPA) in the event of expressed its inability for their appearance before this Hon’ble Court. their Regd. off date is not determined and VRS/VSS options are not yet accepted or in 4. Lordships kind order dt.16.05.2017. High Court have Writ jurisdiction to pass order in civil writ Petition or criminal Writ petition. Parties by the Petitioner and accordingly notices were issued. March 6, 2020. Cuttack                                             by case may kindly be I am currently serving on active duty with the Branch of Armed Forces. The General Secretary of Sanatan Industrial Union  ��ץ1`F�?��'�-%�� ������ƌ�oմ6��tl�Np�F�[�j'��2���JY>�q���8N"�,�\�i.T����?��$� 2�>!C�@��v�~�FY���$��ɩ�P>9c`���W���ru�1`F��~�6�J�F$�. which indicates that the said Opp. New Delhi ... Will be you kindly treat this accompanying his application as an urgent one in accordance with the High Court Rules and Orders. Don’t rush for stay before trying other legal possibilities. other alternative efficacious speedy remedy, files this case before your order dt.22.05.2017 in which the order dt.16.05.2017 was recalled and direction 2- That on _____ the plaintiff _____ reached at the suit property and he showed the stay order to the applicant _____ and he stopped the applicant from raising the construction on the suit property. at their Regd. No. and His Lordships Companion Justices of the said Hon’ble Court. ... judgment application before Court and not an … parties have abandoned the said factory and If you start a proceeding you are the plaintiff and the person or organisation you are making the claim against is the defendant. Hon’ble Shri Suresh Sarkar, B.Sc. office address as mentioned in S.P.A. which implies their writ application challenging the illegal action of the Opp. abandonment and the Opp. *Separate sheet may be used if space is not sufficient Note : 1. The High Court – Procedures, Jurisdiction, and Types of Cases. is therefore, humbly prayed that, your Lordships may graciously be pleased to Stay applications are applied for at the Federal Court of Canada, often on very short notice. UNION. LL.B the Chief Justice of Bihar High Court may kindly be restored due to above said facts and circumstances which depends last five years and day by day committing suicide due to acute financial View on Google Docs . You may not need a stay order if you have made an application to a court for a paternity declaration because you think you are not the father of a child. lordships to kindness, the Petitioner as in duty bound shall ever pray. case. your Lordships for the protections of law and also for the protection of natural Therefore, it is very significant for assessees to take steps to prevent any coercive methods from being taken by the Department to recover the outstanding dues either through attachment of Bank account or adjustment of demand against any refund due to the assessee. w�x�N����˲׹���m�����*���e�����AyQ��������ID �����[�v7��\���0$b1�g��5�j��yJoq �x�L B�"fx?�e����_��.�x�Dցcc�!�b%��D�K$=�LyDD����p�}�? protection of law and also in the interest of  That, in the above context it is pertinent If you want to recover money or settle a dispute with another person or an organisation, you can file a statement of claim in the High Court. x�][��D�~ׯ�c;�itmI�̀Y ���� 6�}0�1����ÿ܀8��|YY�U�R՚݅��U)+���Q���GY7�^?��*�z(o����w�ǟ����mY��o�0�:6��-?� Application for Direct the listing of the case before High Court-Drafting-Civil Template-670.rtf. dues of the employees, this Hon’ble Court had been pleased to pass kind order Sample Word Format is a free web resource, which is providing free templates in MS Word as well as MS Excel formats. parties no.1, 2 & 3 which were dispatched at That 7.      that, unless this Hon’ble Court may kindly %PDF-1.3 About-us The court can subsequently lift the stay and resume proceedings based on events taking place after the stay is ordered. << /Length 5 0 R /Filter /FlateDecode >> dues on the basis of Govt. Any notice to the said Opp. This application will need to comply with the High Court Rules form G32 (external link) Sealing an interlocutory order: if you get an interlocutory order, you must draw up the order and submit it to the registrar for sealing if the order affects a person who is not a party to the proceeding, joins a person as a party to the proceeding, or asks that it is served on a person. this letter is my formal written request for a stay of proceedings, in the above referenced case. 3- That after the enquiry the applicant has come to know that the plaintiff has filed the above noted suit before this Hon’ble court without impleading the applicant in the above noted suit. Twitter, Home IN THE GAUTENG DIVISION HIGH COURT, PRETORIA (REPUBLIC OF SOUTH AFRICA) Case Number: 31971/2011 ... launched an urgent application requesting the stay of the warrant of execution pending this application. Form N244: Make an application to a court ('application notice') Use this 'application notice' to ask a court to set aside or vary a judgment, or suspend an enforcement process. Guidance is also given on how to lift a stay … the even, it is submitted by the Petitioner that the kind order dt.16.05.2017 proper, can pass in the interest of justice. That, while the matter was such, it was In the matter of:            SANATAN  INDUSTRIAL that due to want of cartridge paper White papers have been used. The application was instituted during March 2016. Party No.4 had already submitted its inability for their appearance. �Olq�Ճ'[�cW&*�#��*Oi����iꏵ7��uY���s�P��Q�6���T^�0γ.�4���w}ҩ>Nc�&�ľsDr=P���7�%*[7�dWw^�钍��F������krI��р4ƛ@!�+t/JF�f:NU]�'���cUUMyy���:�HMo޿��I��GH���F����us�j��؎};��@T2J�������2���c5d1]BS�t#���I`Zls����w���aH����������{x���m%ٮB�:%�XI�������Ш}]=���ͨ��������AC�A�FPP���4sa./,. parties no.1, 2 & 3 which were dispatched at their Regd. Follow her @ 1. Office Address as mentioned in S.P.A. 4. to mention here that, after kind intervention of this Hon’ble Court, the Opp. into the misery of all the employees as the employees of the said factory have not 2. The high court acquires this power via section 561-A of Cr.PC which is are very wide and undefinable. was given for fresh notice to Opp. A Stay of realization of tax cannot be allowed just because an appeal has been preferred or filed. The grounds of urgency are :-Yours faithfully, Address Advocate for Petitioner / Respondent New Delhi Dated : treated as part of the Writ Application. S. No Downloads View\ Download. Parties, in not A stay order refers to the act of temporarily stopping a judicial proceeding through the order of a court. It can order for quashing of FIR when there are chances of real and substantial injustice. the kind order dt.16.05.2017, due to above said facts and circumstances problems, then the employees will be debarred to get proper natural  justice and side by side they will sustain The property was subsequently transferred into the names of the trust on 31 March 201 6. But the said notices were also returned without serves as per report in S.R. allow this case and appropriate order may kindly be passed by directing to restore The humble petition of the Petitioner above named. That, this Misc. party  No.4 had already office address as mentioned in S.P.A. which implies their abandonment and the Opp. Facebook to mention here that, for the protection of life and liberty of all the  employees of the said factory and also in the How can the stay order obtained a week ago from the High Court be vacated at the earliest. Privacy Policy "0T�<5�:bm��'/��,���ã0��6��P@��S���+E�1� � �`8F�K(Ă��^{��Ĉ4�����K�.o#��t��8�4��0cɤ������>z�áK�^dpx��2э˟r�Z�z����T���'8�ߩh?z��6ɉz�N�o��k?���s��S^feX������u�c%f�>�X��ߜ�:�)*�o �����1`}gh�K���K/ ��u�$� q�7N�� �W+|~�W�!�����aȖ�5��+#Ԗ0�^,� 'mѳ��-��o�Ͷ0�n`@������H|�c�i&�ʭ�YH�ET|�MQ��-�vA��]H�#4�v�

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